A CoVValk is a booked walk designed to adhere to a social distancing code.

Millions of acres of our beautiful countryside are in lock-down at a time when we need them the most. Social distancing will be in place for a while, particularly for the more vulnerable in our society. 

If you want to walk somewhere that adheres to a social distancing code, then book a coVValk.

Re-open the outdoors responsibly by bringing golf courses & leisure businesses back into service.

Register your outdoor facility with coVValk

If you own or manage a golf course, have some park land or run a leisure facility with outdoor space and you like our idea then please register your interest. 

Invest in a coVValk

If you are a brand, a corporate institution or an individual investor please register your interest and we will let you know which coVValks around the country are looking for your support and investment.

About us

Woj and Rys are cousins whose families are co-isolating. Woj is a farmer and land manager in the West Midlands. Rys is an entrepreneur and strategy officer for a London based data business.


When our uncle had to shut down the family business (a golf course in the west midlands) we felt frustrated that all this outdoor space was going to waste while so many people were looking for safe ways to exercise outdoors. This frustration inspired coVValk – a walk following a specific path (the 9 holes around a golf course) and a tight set of social distancing rules.


Our ambition is to start a movement to get the good people of Great Britain outdoors and demonstrate that there are many ways to enjoy outdoor space responsibly.